Mission and Vision



   Sapkal Knowledge Hub (SKH) is the entity which gives expression to the educational intent of the trust. The Hub is managed by the leadership team comprising of the Chairman, Vice-Chairperson, Chief Executive Officer and Heads of all the four educational institutions.

   Its vision is: "To nurture children in a multi-dimensional and subtle manner right from their childhood to adulthood in a caring and enriched environment with the best qualified, accomplished, experienced and beautiful human being around them.


   To bring about a fine faculty base so that student can be educated in the most joyous and innovative methods, which are drawn from the progressive schools, colleges and universities across the globe. To guide students into learning about the beauty and joy of learning so that they develop a life-long yearning and devotion towards learning. To give a taste of creativity, innovation, research and the highest standards of professionalism to the students.

    To evoke in the students and young adults graduating from institutions of Sapkal Knowledge Hub a deep sense of goodness and beauty. This can make them stand apart in our present society in an uninfluenced manner so that responsible choices can be exercised by them.

Mr. Ravindra G. Sapkal
Chairman & Managing Director

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